• A new Dawn in Africa

    June 2, 2019 Pawa254.

    In the spirit of ideas worth spreading, #TEDxStateHouseRoad is a self-organized event that bring people together to unleash new ideas, inspire and inform.

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    TEDxStateHouseRoad : A New Dawn In Africa

    Do you ever wonder how Africa will look like 50 years to come? One thing is for sure; our population keeps increasing and with technology the wheels have been set in motion and the potential emergence of African countries as potential economic hub is underway. The question is. Can Africa translate its huge population growth into economic development and improved quality of life? While our leadership is still stuck where we were 50 years ago, our young generation is embracing technology by founding revolutionary companies.
    Can Africa jump the series and create wealth in the world through technology-based and knowledge-based industries. While there are a lot of positives, these changes are uprooting the traditional social fabric and creating new power structures.

    Much remains unknown and the story is still unfolding, that’s why through the spirit of ideas worth spreading, At TEDxStateHouseRoad event, our speakers will combine to spark deep discussion on the theme a new Dawn for Africa, with a live audience of 100 people. We believe that a platform to share stories and spread ideas of transformation in much of Africa can bring mostly positive results. Join us and listen to inspiring speakers share their vision of change. Our guiding principle for this platform is to preserve your intent and to maintain a story’s look and feel whenever possible.

  • The Speakers

    inspiring speakers share their vision of change

    Peter Mugendi

    Topic: Africa, Leadership,Integrity and The Future

    Peter is passionate about seeing businesses in Africa solve the most pressing challenges the continent faces through activation of faith in the marketplace. He is the founding director not only of Zaka International,but also of Africa Council for Accreditation and Accountability (AfCAA).He is the immediate former national director for Transformational Business Network (TBN), an impact investment network. He is an experienced executive who has previously served as CEO of Remu Microfinance Bank, CEO of VisionFund Kenya, and has held senior management positions at Barclays Africa and Sidian Bank.


    Topic: Impact Begins with Me

    Mueni Wambua is an Authenticity Coach and a Certified Grief Recovery Specialist. I am also a Pastor by calling and a teacher at heart.

    I am passionate about helping people navigate the changes and challenges of life in a manner that is true to who they are, protects their dignity and honors God.

    I am the founder of Treasure in Jars of Clay and under this organisation I run The Well. This is a 10-week programme that helps people who have gone or are going through divorce / separation to get to a place of recovery and get clarity to move forward by discovering a new normal and also create new supportive communities.
    We also help those who are in difficult relationships have crucial conversations first with themselves and then with their partners.

    Cyril Michino

    Topic: Understanding Blockchain Technology

    Cyril is an Entrepreneurial Leadership and African Studies graduate from African

    Leadership Academy he was behind Africa’s first blockchain elections at
    the academy’s student government elections.

    He also attended the Wharton School –
    University of Pennsylvania from 2018 to 2019. At the moment he’s based at iHub in
    Nairobi and working full-time on his blockchain e-learning platform, conducting technology
    research, developing learning content, and liaising with different corporations/SMEs
    looking into blockchain use cases in business and governance.

    Wanjugu Gichuru

    Topic: Becoming an I CAN Person , that creates solutions to the seemingly impossible problems in Africa.

    Wanjugu is a dynamic and passionate leader, trainer and mentor of women and the youth. She is a seasoned life coach, and the founder of WIRED Global that has the mission of raising radical influencers of society. She has worked with individuals and organisations helping them bring their ideas to life and offering guidance on implementing projects and programmes that impact the communities.

    Aya Grace

    Topic: The role and dynamics of individual readiness in the actualization of a new dawn in Africa.

    Aya Grace is an Inspirational and Informative Public Speaker, a Mental, Emotional and Spiritual health Researcher and Practitioner, an Intuitive Catalyst, a Holistic Wellness Consultant, a Poet and Writer, a Content Creator, a Performance Artist, a Voice Over Talent and an Event Organizer.

    Dayan Masinde

    Topic: Positive and Negative Masculinity

    Dayan Masinde is a relationship and marriage counsellor who helps individuals heal and understand themselves and walks with men and women towards building strong relationships and families through practical steps and support. Dayan uses online media and broadcast media partnering with SWITCH TV, Citizen TV, NTV and Standard Media Group to present fresh and relevant content to deal with today's relationship with self, spouse, partner, children and society.
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